Our online community focuses on cultural & subcultural, spiritual environment. It’s an online marketplace where Vaishnavas around the world can connect to sell, and buy unique Vaishnava products. 

Control your public profile, manage products, edit per-product shipping rules, add private notes to orders or to customers (e.g. tracking numbers). View orders and reports on sales performance.

No signup fees, no listings, and no monthly charges. Vaishnava Marketspace commission rate is just 6%.

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No startup costs & no monthly fees

Free sign up, no monthly subscription fees, no termination fees, and low transaction fees. A low risk opportunity to start your online shop with Vaishnava Marketspace.


No listing fees & automatic deposits

We won’t charge for listing fees. How great is that!

No more weekly or monthly wait for your deposits. With automatic deposits, you can get your money after each completed order and be able to offer refunds or returns without hassle.


6% Transaction fee

A small 6% transaction fee will be made once the order is completed. 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing.


We process payment through PayPal. Buyers can pay online using their credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

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Our site is SSL-encrypted. Processing payment may vary based on changes in the exchange rate, and by bank country.


P.S. if you already have an online store elsewhere you can import your products with a CSV file.