As the number of Vaishnava devotees from around the world grows, we at Vaishnava.com want to provide a platform for devotee run businesses. Vaishnava.com is a worldwide online marketplace; connecting creative individuals harmoniously and building bridges between all the sangas.


We want to facilitate and support inventive and innovative devotees selling their goods. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, Vaishnava.com offers an opportunity for the artisan to grow. Buyers can communicate directly with independent artists, small businesses, creators, and buy from within our vast community.


Above all, this allows great opportunities for the vendors and buyers to network, and support, one another within the widespread Vaishnava community.

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People are just waiting to discover your handcrafted pieces! Sell what you’ve put your heart into. Become successful, have control over your public profile and manage your products. It’s your very own store!

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From exquisite handwoven saris to awesome t-shirts, Vaishnava.com offers an array of products for your needs. Our independent sellers are happy to welcome you with their unique and interesting wares!

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